“It’s Called A Smokey Eye”

27 Sep

Yoplait has done it again!  For the past few months I’ve seen an abundance of Yoplait commercials that boasts “You Asked, Yoplait Answered”. Due to consumer requests, Yoplait has removed high-frucstote corn syrup and now features natural flavors and colors. Chances are Yoplait held focus groups or asked for feedback from it’s yogurt consumers (past, present or non users) and is now using this feedback for not only changes to the physical product, but also to the marketing message. During mid-September Yoplait released a new commercial featuring the new changes to Yoplait Go-GURT and while the focus was on the mom knowing best there was also a relatable aspect to the commercial. Chances are if you are giving your kids Yoplait Go-GURT in their lunches you are attempting to keep up with the current trends (I might even venture out and say you’re trying to be cool). Thus, the hilarious (yet relatable) truth in the “it’s called a smokey eye” commercial. Personally my mother was not one to pack Yoplait Go-GURT…I would have gotten the original Yoplait in its traditional container and my mother would never dare try the smokey eye (mainly because it was the “current” trend) but I know many mothers who do pack Go-GURT and try the current trends. So if you are one of the smokey eye trying moms, I say power-on…but I would think twice about paying more to give your kids yogurt in a skinny plastic tube.

Oh and here is the commercial…I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do:

No Fuss. No Muss.



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