Super Bowl Sneak Peak From Budweiser

29 Jan

Budweiser’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial may not make me crave a beer…but it is sure to get people talking. Today Budweiser released the “Puppy Love” advertisement that will air on Sunday during the Super Bowl. As far as I’m concerned I don’t need to watch any more Super Bowl commercials…nothing can be more cute than this.

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Super Bowl and Super Ads

16 Jan

Duracell’s new commercial featuring Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman has gone viral. If Facebook is good for nothing else, it puts amazing commercials like these in front of me every once in a while. I don’t know who’s making it to the big game this year…but I know one person who I will be cheering for Super Bowl or not…Derrick Coleman. Check out the story and video on Fox Sports’ website:

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Goose Bump Central

3 Nov

Cheerios are known as the healthy whole wheat breakfast cereal option for people of all ages but what recently Cheerios has taken a more sensitive side. This can be seen in many of their new commercials, that may seem to have been produced by Hallmark rather than Cheerios. But none the less Cheerios is not only producing cereal but some heartfelt goosebumps as well.

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A Honest Slogan Says A Thousand Words

30 Oct

Clif Dickens, a graphic designer in Nashville, came up with the idea of taking many popular slogans we all know and adding one extra line of truth to each one. From Pepsi to Victoria’s Secret Dickens did not skimp on the honesty and frank truthfulness that each new revamped slogan shows. 

Read the article and see the honest slogans here:!

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A Small Business With A Big Opportunity

20 Oct

Being born and raise in the “Home of the Jumbo Peanut” I appreciate a good nut, but most importantly I appreciate a great family owned and operated small business. When I found out that one of my favorite local peanut companies, Hubs, was in the running for the opportunity to have a professional TV commercial aired during the 2014 SuperBowl I was all in.

The Story of Hubs:

“The Hubbard family has been selling their peanuts since 1954 when Dot Hubbard sold her first peanuts to the drugstore on Main Street in Franklin. With one baby at home and twins on the way, she knew she wasn’t going back to Franklin Elementary School to teach. Dot began cooking peanuts in her limited amount of spare time and HJ delivered them to anyone in town who would pay $.10 for a one ounce black striped clear bag of Hub’s Home Cooked Salted Peanuts….a dozen or so cello bags in a little white plastic basket! Soon those bags were all over town… even though HJ was chided about charging twice as much as the widely known, but significantly different, Planters brand that were cooked next door in Suffolk. Many local businesses kept Dot’s little kitchen style deep fat fryer busy. They were still a one car family when Dot could no longer skin enough peanuts and cook them by herself to meet demand. HJ began to catch rides to his accounting job at the mill each morning, carrying brown bags full of peanuts to deliver along the way. It was then that Dot loaded the girls into the car….always after Captain Kangaroo was on television… and drove around the village of Sedley, picking up tubs of peanuts that friends and neighbors skinned. She would carry them home, cook and then package them, hoping the little ones would nap each afternoon while she worked. Eight years and a son born in the meantime, Dot and HJ moved, but only a mile away. The family, as well as the business, had expanded to the point that both outgrew the original five room house that had been home. Nights, holidays, and weekends were devoted to managing a business without benefit of computers or fancy equipment. HJ stayed busy in his spare time with many construction projects, some small, but others quite large. He set out to invent a continuous cooker with help from a few “local engineers”. Night after night they toiled to design “a machine” that would cook more than 60 or 70 lbs an hour so that Dot could keep up with the growing volume of orders. Through sheer perseverance the band of nightly visitors to the Hubbard home succeeded in designing equipment that allowed Dot to cook more peanuts, but maintain the quality that customers were expecting from Hubs. Through the years, Dot and HJ’s five room home was transformed. Today’s executive offices were once the dining room, living room, and bedrooms; warehouses and kitchens were once play-ground and pasture land. Success can be defined in many ways, but the little business that Dot and HJ began 50 years ago when they returned to Sedley far surpassed their dream of simply providing well for a family of six. They started a business that set a standard and they did it without a prototype for how it could be done. The learning curve was steep, and they walked before they ran, but Dot and HJ made it….with help and support from many, many people in Franklin and Southampton County. They were survivors and today the little business is celebrating 50 years of life in Sedley. Still owned by the four children, Hubbard Peanut Company is moving into the next 50 years armed with tradition, spirit, and the desire to provide well for its new family of friends, customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, share holders, and the community”. (Source:

Here is the link to Hubs site on the Intuit webpage, be sure to keep up with this and don’t forget to vote:

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“It’s Called A Smokey Eye”

27 Sep

Yoplait has done it again!  For the past few months I’ve seen an abundance of Yoplait commercials that boasts “You Asked, Yoplait Answered”. Due to consumer requests, Yoplait has removed high-frucstote corn syrup and now features natural flavors and colors. Chances are Yoplait held focus groups or asked for feedback from it’s yogurt consumers (past, present or non users) and is now using this feedback for not only changes to the physical product, but also to the marketing message. During mid-September Yoplait released a new commercial featuring the new changes to Yoplait Go-GURT and while the focus was on the mom knowing best there was also a relatable aspect to the commercial. Chances are if you are giving your kids Yoplait Go-GURT in their lunches you are attempting to keep up with the current trends (I might even venture out and say you’re trying to be cool). Thus, the hilarious (yet relatable) truth in the “it’s called a smokey eye” commercial. Personally my mother was not one to pack Yoplait Go-GURT…I would have gotten the original Yoplait in its traditional container and my mother would never dare try the smokey eye (mainly because it was the “current” trend) but I know many mothers who do pack Go-GURT and try the current trends. So if you are one of the smokey eye trying moms, I say power-on…but I would think twice about paying more to give your kids yogurt in a skinny plastic tube.

Oh and here is the commercial…I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do:

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The LEGO Story

11 Sep

Have you ever wondered how LEGO got its name or such a large following? As the LEGO brand approaches its 81st birthday I thought it would be fitting to find out the answer to that question. Much like other small ideas that evolved into something much larger LEGO has a unique story filled of passion, hard work, determination, and creativity. Happy Early 81st Birthday LEGO!